Exciting Story, Unique Concept
– One Movie

Swirls is about two suburban teen sisters who take down a notorious wealthy bookie.




If it weren’t for my brother Sanfort, I would have never accomplished this great feat. He would say over and over, how you have to get this done all by yourself, and that ‘Hollywood’ is not coming here to give you 2.5 million for your script! We would have conversations daily and he would always push me to move forward. It wasn’t until one particular day when he said,“kids are making movies on their iPhones.” He was right, what was I waiting for?

The next morning there was a segment on the Today Show of kids making movies on iPhones. That’s what did it for me. I finally listened, and with no budget, forty-five people donating their time, and four years later, I have completed my feature length movie, “Swirls for…$1000.00-Enjoy!

And, thanks to my wife who if it wasn’t for her giving me support; I would not have accomplished my dream!

Be Marvelous!

Swirls Movie

I have always encouraged talent and have created a unique movie that is a vector of curiosity and emotion. My creation is visually demanding, and I pride myself on being hardworking and honest in every way.

My visual narrative and creative strategy brings out the best in my story without ever compromising on the creative vision.